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Social Studies Resources and Links

Topic/Notes Assignment Due (to be done before class starts on date listed at left)
Every week  Language Arts 
  • Read for 30 minutes or 20 pages each night and write a summary. All days are to be filled with a minimum of 5 sentences for the summary. The reading log is due every Friday, starting Friday, September 8, 2017, unless otherwise instructed.  
  • Students are continuing to work on using context clues to define unknown words in a text. 
  • Students were introduced to the Latin Roots "sens, spir, and corp" during our vocabulary study on the body.
  • Students are analyzing the plot of short stories using the color coded vocabulary learned in class. The end goal is to place the correct parts of a story plot on a plot diagram.
  • Scary Story Narrative writing tasks will begin within the next 2 weeks. 






   Social Studies
  •  Students will have a test on geography this Friday. 
  • Students have been given permission to take their interactive notebooks home to study for the upcoming test.
  • Words/Definitions to know:
  1. Grid
  2. Equator
  3. Meridians
  4. Prime Meridian
  5. Political Map
  6. Degrees (Think geography, not temperature.)
  7. Latitude
  8. Longitude
  9. Location
  10. Hemispheres
  11. Physical Map
  12. Globe
  13. Parallels (Think map skills, not mathematics)
  14. Place
  15. Regions
  16. Continents
  17. Movement
  18. Human-Environment Interaction
  19. Primary Source
  20. Secondary Source
  21. On which continents does 6th grade study Ancient Civilization? (Mesopotamia/Fertile Crescent, Egypt, West African Kingdoms, India, China, Greece, Rome, Maya, Aztecs, Incas) 


Don't forget your notebook for social studies if you took it home. All notebooks should be left in class, unless you need to complete an incomplete assignment from that day's class.

All work is done in class.



In the Know


  • Reading Logs are due every Friday unless otherwise instructed. 



  Let's Work Together 


  • Be sure to sign up for Parent Portal through the front office. This is a great resource to view your child's grades throughout the year. 
  • Want to be a help to our classes? Please send in supplies of glue sticks throughout the school year. Students use a lot of glue filling in their Interactive Notebooks. Thank you in advance. 







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